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Thank you for your interest in Amorédoll Ragdolls.  We are a small, cageless, in-home based cattery where we are raising
our wonderful Ragdolls as part of the family.   I have been blessed to be mentored by Dana Pendergraph of Blossom
Ragdolls for my first two years, and she continues to support and encourage me with every continuous step in this
wonderful journey.  

I transferred to the Dallas area in April, 2009, where I met Dana and her beautiful Ragdolls.  We are located in the North
Dallas area of Texas and have a beautiful home specially chosen for the comfort of our Ragdolls.  I breed for health and
temperment first and foremost.  I concentrate on ensuring each special Ragdoll kitten placed in each special family's home
is a healthy, playful and well-adjusted kitten to be loved for many years.

How Amorédoll Ragdolls Started
In February of 2010, I had to say goodbye to Gabby, my 16 year old best feline friend.  It was extremely heart-breaking, but I
knew it was time to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge.  After a few weeks, I started browsing the Internet, and happened
across information about the wonderful Ragdoll breed and knew that was what our next kitten would be, which then led me
to the wonderful Dana, and her beautiful Blossom Ragdolls.  After meeting Dana, I knew I had met a special person with
extreme love for the Ragdoll breed, and her passion for the breed inspired me.  I knew that last piece of my life was fulfilled
and Amorédoll was born.  

Our cattery name comes from my father’s family Italian heritage, and you will see the Italian names follow in some of our
beautiful Ragdolls.  Please click
here to read about the Ragdoll breed.

Thank you for your interest in Amorédoll Ragdolls!  Please feel free to contact us anytime, either via email or phone at

Ragdolls are a blue-eyed Pointed breed!!  Minks and solids are not "rare" - they are color variants that are NOT
accepted by The International Cat Association.  Purebred Ragdolls should be registered with a professional
association, and kittens should come with registration papers to ensure you are getting a high-quality kitten
with a sweet temperment.